Our team has been at the drawing board all year, working on ways we can help reduce our plastic usage by 90%, but continue to deliver fresh and tasty lunchboxes, and trying to do so before Term 3 commences.
Well, we have done it!

Our lunchboxes will now be delivered in our new Sugarcane bento style lunchbox. The boxes have multiple self-contained compartments reducing the need to use as much individual packets and containers. As there is still a number of foods needing to be packed separately,  we will using Sugarcane tubs wherever possible. 

Some Sugarcane tubs still require a plastic lid simply as they haven't created a lid yet, but we have been assured that is coming. There are also a few foods that need to be sealed in order to retain freshness. At this stage, there isn't anything suitable to replace these, however, we are moving away from the plastic packaging to a BPA free foil bag. Still not as sustainable as we would like, but as each packet uses less material than our current plastic bags, reducing the waste is still a win. 

We are hoping to be plastic free by 2023!!

We welcome any and all feedback around our new packaging, either as a whole or regards to an individual item. Tell us what you think!!

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About BioPak and BioCane


BioPak takeaway containers are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp. Sturdy and versatile, these compostable takeaway containers can handle a wide variety of foods. Use the 4 compartment takeaway container bases and lids as an eco friendly bento box, or to keep complex meals separated. The bio compartment dinner bases and lids are now in high demand as the market moves away from foam dinner packs, and have the added advantages of being both environmentally friendly and having a modern edgy look.


Eco friendly takeaway containers are an excellent substitute for standard plastic takeaway containers, and have the added advantage of showing your customers that you care about your carbon footprint. Many council areas today will only allow eco friendly packaging in food service areas. We have a full range of compostable packaging, perfect for satisfying even the most discerning local council.

BioPak sugarcane products are compostable in commercial composting facilities
Made from 100% renewable and reclaimed sources

BioPak eco friendly takeaway containers are refridgerator and freezer safeBioPak takeaway containers are grease and water resistantBioPak takeaway containers are microwave safe and oven proof up to 220C for 20 minutes


BioCane Background
BioPak's broad range of biodegradable plates, platters, bowls, trays and containers are manufactured from bagasse. Bagasse is the natural by-product of sugarcane after the juice is extracetd from the cane. Rather than going to waste, BioPak processes the bagasse material and molds it into heavy weight, high quality tableware. BioPak remains committed to delivering innovative eco-friendly products to the food service industry through their ongoing research.

BioCane single-use boxes, eco bowls, eco trays and eco plates replace conventional polystyrene and plastic containers. The BioCane range is 100% all natural, made from annually renewable resources - Sugar Cane Pulp. BioCane products are produced in China and are biodegradable and compostable to American standards. BioCane products are FDA approved for food contact and the BioPak production facility complies with ISO 9001: 14001 & quality and environmental management standards.

  • BPI certification verifies that environmental claims have been validated by an independent 3rd party organisation

  • Microwave and freezer safe

  • Grease and cut resistant

  • Excellent performance for hot or cold foods

  • Molded construction designed for strength and upscale appearance